Teens Questions and Answers

(Emails and Letters)

Question: California and Texas 

Why are African Americans students suspended ten times as much as white students?


It’s the same old shameful song. No child should be kicked out of school in my opinion. You don’t have to go back too far in history to learn the causes and effects as to why black students are dismissed more often then their counter-parts. In Brown verses Board of Education, (1957), The court held to the ‘Separate but Equal Doctrine’ which meant that black and white students were segregated, either in class or school depending on the county or district they resided in. Whereas, separate rules and consequences evolved out of this decision in the minds of the all white school board decision makers and its adverse treatments towards black students is even evident in today’s classrooms all across America.


A white student is warned several times to put away his/her cell phone, he/she gripes with the teacher and continues to be warned to knock it off. On the other hand a black student is caught on his cell phone for the first time and order to hand it over. If he/she  gripes suspension is swift and quick often times by white teachers and principles.

Therefore ‘Separate but Equal, does not necessarily mean equal resources, facilities and treatment of black students.

Question: Nebraska and Texas

Is it legal for our teachers and white police officers to order us out of class to the principle’s office to be questioned about our parents, their occupation and if there is illegal activity occurring in our homes?


It’s against the law for any teacher or law enforcement officer to do such a thing to any race, color or nationality  of students.  It’s call fishing or witch hunting. They are looking for something that hasn’t happen. You are children under 18 yrs. of age. You have a right to remain silent at all times and demand that your parents and  an attorney be present during questioning. It only takes one racist police officer  acting under the color of the law to break the trust of an entire black community.  It’s  sad because that same type of officer compromises peace and justice all across America.

Question:South Carolina 

My best friend is having a sexual relationship with our ninth- grade English teacher, would I become a ‘snitch’ if I told her parents?

Answer: South Carolina and students in all States

First of all slave masters and white mobs branded slaves, ‘snitches’ for exposing their cruel and unusual punishment to the authorities, oddly enough, today every race of people have adopted this myth into common practice. What do abused and sexually molested children do? Who can they tell ?  Children keep those crimes buried inside them for years and it’s a shame.  It’s a criminal offense for any adult to have sexual relations with any child. Tell an adult, ACT-NOW! I would advise you to report that teacher as soon as possible. You are a child, You are not a snitch doing what is right to protect your young friend. Report it to the police, FAST-ASAP!

Question: Iowa

My friend is using drugs and skips school to hang-out in drug houses, what should I do?


This is tough. Don’t use your cell phone, nor email her nor text her. Confront your good friend and give her a first and final ultimatum -either she stop using drugs or tell her your friendship must end. And you must be strong enough to mean just what you say and stick to it.

Question: Oregon

Can a fourteen year old work on a job?


In many states there are work  programs associated with school districts and according to your grade average they must except your application.  Talk to your principle or school counselor for details and more information.

Furthermore, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and etc… allow teenagers to work at safe stations or areas where no knives, cutting machines, oven, etc… will not be used. Ask your parents to take you around town and talk to a  manger at one of these places. There are lots of farm jobs open during summer break as well. Whatever you do- don’t give up!

Question: Michigan

I attend a predominately all black high school but, I’m afraid to ask the black coach for a chance to try out for the soccer team. I’m stuck.


Little buddy, say to yourself every chance you get ,’I Love Soccer!” Believe it everyday. Think about soccer. Dream about soccer. Practice playing soccer.  And one day your fears will vanish.

Nobody wanted ‘Air’ Jordan in basketball, Reggie Jackson in baseball, Larry Bird in basketball or Wayne  ‘The Great’ on their hockey team when they were your age and you see what happened in these superstars careers. Keep up the good work!

Question: Nebraska and all States

My teacher and classmates have been encouraging me to call a boy-a girl. Because he believes he was born a girl. What can I do?


This is an issue between Church and State. But, if I were in your shoes, I would address the young  man by his legal name with respect and nothing based on insults. If his name changes to a girl’s name then you must address a person by their name.

Question: New Mexico

Our teacher wants us to read and study over 50 pages a week and then write a book report. Is that fair, Bro?


Son, thank your lucky stars above that I’m not your teacher. Because I believe you can read the entire book in a week and write a 2,500 word report. Learn to learn enjoying new things in the classroom. You’re in good hands to have a teacher who cares so much about your education. Consider this to be a good thing and also stop whining!

Question: Florida and all States

My classmate is telling all my friends that his father sees my mother dancing on stage all the time at a strip club. My mom does dance, I’m so embarrassed .


Young lady hold your serve. Your mom pays the bills and puts food on the table. Sometimes people have to take jobs others don’t want or take the job until they find something better. Secondly, how does the kid’s father know where your mom dances all the time? He must be a regular customer himself.  Inform that boy mildly, that as long as his father comes to the club your mom’s household bills  will always be paid.

Question: Iowa and all States

My friend has a drinking problem and he drives fast and recklessly around town in a brand  new truck his parents just bought him in December. How can I convince him to stop drinking and driving?


Sooner or later the local police will thoroughly convince him to stop.  But, for now I would advise you not to ride around with him in that truck. The cemeteries are filled with young people who drunk themselves to the graves and innocent by-standers who never had a drink but was struck by a drunk driver. Get that, son!  Call a meeting ASAP for your friend, invite his family and have the school counselor set up a intervention with a professional to save your friends life and others. ACT-Now!