What is a valid warrant?

ImagePersonally speaking, there is no such thing as a valid warrant. Anything that can be altered, revised, amended or concocted to justify the means of falsely detaining, searching or arresting an individual equals lawlessness. Meaning an officer states his/her years of service and experience. He/She then list witnesses’statements (supposedly more like rehearsed or ), as well as expert testimonies,(to be an expert witness the requirements are a walk through test and $1000.00 fee)nothing more nor less. The officer does not have to state any truths on the warrant in regards for an order to be granted to seize, search or collect DNA, other than He/She believes that the person in question is in fact the one and only suspect that fits the attacker(s) description. Which makes it simply a production warrant or one size fits all /fill in manufactured/ duplicated blank warrants , invented in the late 1800’s. A perfect example of these types of warrants(manufactured/duplicate blanks),can be found in Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (Ida  B. Wells), A letter protesting lynchings approx.1895. Ms. Wells-Barnett points to three main excuses in which racists use to arrest, torture or kill. The first was being participants in an insurrection or race riots. Secondly,eliminate voting power from blacks, natives and spanish speaking groups.(sounds familar).  And the third excuse basically brings us back into 2014,Which is the topic of discussion. That these groups, mainly blacks, had to be jailed, tortured or murdered for being suspected, accused or involved in assaults on white women guilty or not. As mentioned in the first paragraph, these barbaric acts against humanity in 1895 are the same in 2014, which is the manufacturing of duplicate warrants.Test the waves of the water yourself. Locate a few warrants be it for(drugs, robbery, rape, etc..)and disregard the names(suspects/accused) and then match the remaining text one against the other. No warrant should not and can not compare with another warrant, (or others), if it is a legal warrant!


About marvelousprice

I am the author of "Marvelous Price". I was born in Cook County, Illinois. Most of my life a spent growing up on the South-side were gang wars, battles with the k.k.k. and rogue law enforcement was common and brutal in those days. But, years later in almost every city in the world those days have returned in very simular forms only with new masks upon different and related faces. Marvelous at sixteen informed me that he did not desire to use his might. He wanted to use his mind to fight his battles in a sea of wild rabbits on farms hating one another. And with that said I have the honor to show the entire world how he won legal cases over some of the elite lawyers, city and state officials in the State of Nebraska fighting racism and bigotry in the highest forms.
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