Think Positive

Reprint, Illinois 1987 and 2005-Thinking Positive

I spoke to some young brothers after a book tour engagement in Iowa and my discussion was based on being a productive member at home, at work and in the community. It became apparent that the entire group had the home and community down packed-locked and loaded. But, when it came to the workplace side of the story, the confidence evaporated into a different type of steam.

Basically, the young men simply stated the very same thing in many forms and emotions. First none of them were ever late, they often volunteered for weekends and overtime, never was written up for misconduct, and all proclaimed they went above and beyond the call to be productive employees and obeyed any and all rules, polices and procedures posted.

I paused for a moment. I knew exactly what was surfacing. And glanced around at more than three dozen pairs of eyes all focusing on me next move. They needed encouragement and there was no way I could give them that they didn’t have already. “Fellas, you don’t need my signature on this issue.” I said, “You have what you need, everybody that you meet will have a different attitude, some will be refreshing, some satisfied, others content and many won’t give a damn if you live or die! As long as you completed your assignment, working for crumbs, these some companies could care less about your input.”

I continued, “How many times have people bumped into you and kept-stepping? How many times have you held a door open for people and they nearly ran you over without a word? Or how many times have you loan money to a friend in hot water and received no return? Finally, how many times have you put your name or life on the line to rescue a friend, yet that very same person staves you in the back whenever the opportunity presents itself?

Gentlemen, I tell you this, I can not count the times that I have saved, assisted or pulled people out of their own messes, or off the chopping-block in life and received ridicule in the lowest forms, or those same people talked about me as if I was a foe instead  of the one that rescue them  from shame.”

I finished with one last word of advice. ” Brothers don’t waste your time looking for someone to appreciated or be grateful for your assistance.  You won! It didn’t cost you a thing to find out what type of employer you work for nor did it cost me a penny to learn who my friends really were. Please used that information to further build upon your craft and skills don’t let not one idiot steal your self-worth, because your are all worthy to be who you truly are, and that’s being a good human being to all.







About marvelousprice

I am the author of "Marvelous Price". I was born in Cook County, Illinois. Most of my life a spent growing up on the South-side were gang wars, battles with the k.k.k. and rogue law enforcement was common and brutal in those days. But, years later in almost every city in the world those days have returned in very simular forms only with new masks upon different and related faces. Marvelous at sixteen informed me that he did not desire to use his might. He wanted to use his mind to fight his battles in a sea of wild rabbits on farms hating one another. And with that said I have the honor to show the entire world how he won legal cases over some of the elite lawyers, city and state officials in the State of Nebraska fighting racism and bigotry in the highest forms.
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