This is a story of a young man whom I had the honor and privilege to meet in the early spring of 2009,  who was so determined to stand up and defend his constitutional rights as a African-American male impressed me so much, I now compose a portion of his life on page. Marvelous Price is not his given birth name, it is a name in which I have chosen to call him due to his hunger to learn the law and utilize its letter in his quest to seek a balance in justice at the early age of  sixteen. He knew first hand that there were no securities or permanence in protecting nor enforcing rules of action or conduct written in the language of the United States Constitution that guaranteed any rights. He also understood that this very same historic and treasured document excluded his negro race and those of the same appointed race, color of skin and blood which he shared. Marvelous wanted  just a mere precept of the intended meaning or presupposed writ in question, a small nibble which allowed him  secured  equal rights, basic opportunity and fair justice.

The magnitude of his conversation was indeed intellectually deep as if he was prognosticating the near future and never even stumbling over a syllable. He studied feverishly the histories of the slave master and the slave. But, most importantly he filled his brain and soaked his skull with the law of the land.

Marvelous did not associate  himself with any form of gang activity, nor was he consuming, distributing or manufacturing any type of uncontrolled substances. He never drunk a can of beer nor smoked a cancer stick (cigarette) in his life. He lived with his single mother who worked two part-time jobs, who never smoke or drank alcoholic beverages and  his two younger siblings. With that said, their problems sprouted from an ancient plague known by many names and surnames like  racism, bigotry and discrimination. To me it is a marvelous thing to witness any young person with so much zeal, courage and ambition as he has stored up inside of his heart. But, many have tried alone to battle in the  depths of the darkness, and many have failed, and paid a high price for their efforts. What will be Marvelous’ Price?


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